Excel Macro to Convert to CamelHumpNotation

This is a macro that convert values to CamelHumpNotation
[sourcecode language=”vb”]
Sub FixCamelHump()

‘ FixCamelHump Macro

Dim strValue As String

strValue = ActiveCell.Value
Do While strValue <> ""
ActiveCell.Value = FixThisString(strValue)
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
strValue = ActiveCell.Value
End Sub

Private Function FixThisString(strValue As String)
Dim intCnt As Integer
Dim blnStartOfWord As Boolean
Dim strBuild As String
Dim strCurrentChar As String

For intCnt = 1 To Len(strValue)
strCurrentChar = Mid(strValue, intCnt, 1)
If IsLetter(strCurrentChar) = True Then
If blnStartOfWord = False Then
blnStartOfWord = True
strBuild = strBuild & UCase(strCurrentChar)
strBuild = strBuild & LCase(strCurrentChar)
End If
If blnStartOfWord = True Then
blnStartOfWord = False
End If
strBuild = strBuild & strCurrentChar
End If
FixThisString = strBuild
End Function

Private Function IsLetter(strChar As String) As Boolean
If Asc(strChar) >= 97 And Asc(strChar) <= 122 Or Asc(strChar) >= 65 And Asc(strChar) <= 90 Then
IsLetter = True
Exit Function
End If
IsLetter = False
End Function