Command Prompt with Random Color on Startup

Add REG_SZ to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor with name AutoRun and value of RndColor.bat

Create file RndColor.bat in %WINDIR%\System32

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
@Echo Off
Echo Loading…

SET rnd=%random%

IF %rnd% LSS 4681 GOTO 1
IF %rnd% LSS 9362 GOTO 2
IF %rnd% LSS 14043 GOTO 3
IF %rnd% LSS 18724 GOTO 4
IF %rnd% LSS 23405 GOTO 5
IF %rnd% LSS 28086 GOTO 6
IF %rnd% LSS 32767 GOTO 7

Goto END

Color 1F
Goto END

Color 20
Goto END

Color 30
Goto END

Color 4E
Goto END

Color 5F
Goto END

Color 80
Goto END

Color 4F
Goto END


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