CircularLogArchiver – Automates the archiving of logs with the help of 7Zip

CircularLogArchiver by Shaun Vermaak automates the archiving of logs with the help of 7Zip.
It’s particularly useful on large log directories were space is an issue.

Usage: CircularLogArchiver.exe GO /LP:LogPath /LE:LogExtention /AI:Interval /AOT:ArchiveOlderThan /DAOT:DontArchiveOlderThan /DOT:DeleteOlderThan
Example: CircularLogArchiver.exe GO /LP:”C:Logs” /LE:”*.log” /AI:”M” /AOT:”1″ /DAOT:”3″ /DOT:”3″
Example above will archive all files in “C:Logs” with *.log extention that are between one and three months old and delete files older than three months


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